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Welcome to The Baby Spot.


Our Focus

The Baby Spot - Babies

At The Baby Spot our focus is to offer high quality baby products and all the best brands at everyday low prices.

We take our customer service very serious and we will endeavor to deliver a high standard at all times. Our product knowledge is second to none and baby safety is our number one key priority with all our products meeting minimum Australian standards.

The BabySpot Story

A few years ago, we were blessed with the birth of our first child.

We experience the same challenges of teething that most parents experience (sleepless nights, unhappy baby), when our son started teething.

We tried just about every solution out there, and were just about at our wits end, until we had some advice of a friend to give Baby Amber Teething Necklaces a try. 

So we did our research, and we decided to give the Amber a try, and were amazed at the difference it made to our Teething Baby, and ultimately our nights sleep. They just seem to work!

Since then our passion to help other young families grew, because of the difference amber it made for our family.

We knew we just had to help more people, which is why we started TheBabySpot.

We also know that time management for a young family is a very important part of the day to day running of the house, so being able to shop for your family from the convenience of your own home is such a huge advantage.

Since then The Baby Spot business has grown, and is proudly owned and operated by husband and wife team Belinda and Cade Arnel, situated in Echuca-Moama, NSW, Australia.

Our Goal

We know that every baby's needs are different and we will help you find the right product for your baby. Our main goal is to provide a unique memorable shopping experience, fast shipping, a huge range of baby products at competitive prices and to save you time and money.

We thank you for visiting TheBabySpot.com.au and wish you a very pleasant day.


Cheers Belinda & Cade