ErgoCocoon Zip Up Baby Swaddle 0.2 TOG

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Product Description

The All Season ErgoCocoon Zip Up Swaddle is the perfect baby swaddle which features poppers in the arms for an easy transition into a Sleeping Bag.

This Baby Swaddle is made from super stretch organic cotton with a two-way zipper making it easy access for nappy changing or if baby is asleep you can simple un zip the bottom and safely buckle into the car seat.

The Swaddle controls baby's startle reflex helping your baby to sleep longer, your baby stays wrapped all night long and depending on the situation baby can sleep with his arms free or tucked in.

The ErgoCocoon 0.2 TOG is available in color Natural, to suit baby 3 to 12 months.


Features of the ErgoCocoon Swaddle:

  • Two-way zipper
  • Easy nappy and car seat excess
  • Made from super stretch organic cotton
  • Baby can sleep arms free or tucked in
  • Available in 0.2 tog, 1 tog and 2.5 tog (tog = warmth rating)
  • Strictly compliant to all safety regulations

Benefits of the All Season Swaddle:

  • Safe, helps reduce the risk of SIDS
  • Comfortable
  • Convenient
  • Promotes healthy sleeping
  • Optimal temperature balance
  • No harmful chemicals


The Tog rating is the thermal resistance of a fabric, it is important to pick the right tog weight for your baby's room temperature and there is no need for extra blankets.

3 Different Swaddle Thermal Ratings (Tog)

0.2 Tog = best for 24C+/75F+

1.0 Tog = best for 21C-24C/68F-75F

2.5 Tog = best for 18C-23C/64F-73F


Dressing Guide

24C+/75F+ = Nappy and Singlet

21C-24C/68F-75F = Light under garments + light blanket

15C-21C/59F-68F = Warm under garments and warm blanket


Included in the Box

  • 1 x ErgoCocoon Zip Up Baby Swaddle Tog:0.2 in Color and Size Ordered


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