Wooden Baby Rattle

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BABY TOY SALE >> Wooden Baby Rattle

The Wooden Baby Rattle makes a delightful sound when baby shakes it, featuring 4 different vibrant colors,  this is a great toy to exercise baby's wrist plus have lots of fun. 

Polished smooth rattles with gentle noise not only attracts baby's attention very easily, but trains baby's coordination.

These adorable wooden baby toys are really loved by babies worldwide! They are made with premium high quality material, safe paint, no smell, and excellent craftsmanship.

Product Features:-

  • Light weight
  • Rainbow colored
  • Lovely shaped
  • Safe paint
  • no smell
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Mellow wood
  • Multi-sensory rattles
  • Humanized handle design
  • Baby's instrument toy
  • Developing baby intelligence
  • Exercise baby hearing
  • No noise


Benefits of The Wooden Baby Rattle:-


  • Make a delightful sound when baby shakes it
  • Great toy to exercise baby's wrist and get lots of fun
  • Very funny toys for little baby in the stroller
  • Education musical percussion instrument for little baby
  • A wonderful gift for baby self playing when alone
  • Build hand-eye coordination and develop gross motor skills
  • Suitable for baby over 3 months
  • The toy can exercise your baby's hand-eye coordination and imagination



 Package includes:

  • 1 x Wooden Baby Rattle


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Wooden Baby Rattle