Baby Rash: Types and Home Remedies

Baby Rash: Types and Home Remedies

2014-10-20 13:27:23


A rash indicates that there’s something wrong with your baby’s skin. Some rashes are naturally occurring, like cradle cap or baby dry skin.Others are caused by irritants from soaps and other baby products. Whatever the case, a baby rash can cause discomfort to babies- not to mention that it can be unsightly, too. Unattended, it may also lead to infections.

So how do you deal with baby rash? Identify it first then use the appropriate home remedies below. Don’t worry – all of my home remedies are natural, and as such, safe for babies.

Different Types of Baby Rash

Below is a list of the common baby rashes with some home remedies.

Cradle cap

That flaky patch on your baby’s head is most likely cradle cap. As I mentioned earlier, it’s natural for babies. It comes from vermix, a protective substance that enveloped your baby while he was still inside your womb.

Home remedy

Before giving baby a bath, apply some baby oil on the affected areas of his head. Wait for 15 minutes then wash baby’s hair and scalp with natural shampoo . Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Then comb baby’s hair.

The purpose of the baby oil is to soften the flaky patches. That’s why it’s best applied before bathing, so you can wash it off. Applying oil after bathing may only clog the pores of his scalp.

Diaper rash

These reddish spots may be one of the most common skin disorders, but it is definitely one of the most recurring, itchy and sometimes, even painful for babies. This usually occurs when wet or soiled diapers aren’t changed immediately.

Home remedy

Make sure that you wash baby’s bottom with natural soap and water. Pat dry before you put his diaper on. Also, you might want to try cloth diapers. No “breathable” diaper can match their breathability and comfort. Wash those diapers with some white vinegar and the recurrence of rashes will lessen even more.

But here’s one effective wash that I tried on my baby. Do you drink green tea? You should! It’s good for keeping the health of your skin, PLUS, it’s a great bottom wash for babies. After you’ve steeped your tea in a cup (that’s for your drink), don’t throw the teabag away. Boil it in half a pot of water and let it cool. Use this for washing your baby’s bottom. Green tea’s soothing property can relieve baby of the itchiness and pain of diaper rashes. It’s organic, so you won’t have to worry about side effects.

Heat rash

Oh, babies usually have this during the hot summer months. It’s also called prickly heat. These are bright, red spots on the neck, forearms, chest, back and even rash on baby tummy. It can be very itchy especially when he is sweating.

Home remedy

Your baby’s clothes have a lot to do with his heat rash. In the morning, use soft, cotton shirts whenever the weather’s too hot. At night, use a baby swaddle to keep him comfortable. Plus, a swaddle can keep your baby from scratching his rashes. Do not use powders or cornstarch as these may only block the small pores of baby’s skin.

Baby Acne

This baby face rash looks like a slight bump on baby’s cheeks, forehead or nose. Yes, it’s kind of acne-looking, thus, the name.

Home remedy

Baby acne usually disappears anywhere from four to six months after birth. To relieve itchiness, wash baby’s face with natural soap and water. Put mittens on his hands so that he won’t accidentally scratch his face.

Yes, a baby rash may be common in babies, but unattended, it may lead to infections that may damage baby’s soft and beautiful skin.

Do you know of other types of baby rash? What home remedy did you use? Please write it on the comments box below so that we can share it with others.