Baby Teething: How to Relieve Discomfort

2014-12-08 10:00:00

It is no secret that baby teething is one of the most common issues when raising a baby for the first time. I know the feeling so well! I sometimes had to spend sleepless nights just to try to ease my baby’s pain. There were times when he was unable to drink or eat and felt very irritable.

Of course, baby teething is a natural occurrence that all babies have to go through. But that doesn’t mean that your baby has to suffer such pain. (Yes, he feels the way you did when your wisdom tooth was coming out.)

So I did my research – from the internet, neighbors and friends who had babies, and other sources. I found very valuable tips that you might find helpful as well.

How to Relieve Baby’s Discomfort from Teething

Frozen washcloth

This is one of the remedies for teething baby that’s age-old but really, really works. Just tie one end of a washcloth, dip it in milk or water, put it in a Ziploc bag and store it in the freezer so that it’ll be ready when baby needs it. I had several washcloths, which I froze separately. That way, baby still had something to chew on while I washed and dried the others.

Cold pacifier

A cold pacifier can be the perfect solution when baby awakens from teething discomfort at night. What I did to keep it cold was to wrap it in a towel, place in a Ziploc and freeze. I’d remove it from the freezer just before sleeping. So when baby cried, I still had a cold pacifier within my reach.

Chew toy

When teething, babies love to chew on something. Experts say that putting pressure on sore gums distracts the brain from feeling the pain.Look for teething toys that are BPA-free to ensure that your baby won’t be exposed to toxins.

Cold or chewy food

If your baby is already on solid food, you can try giving him frozen fruits like bananas or grapes, or chewy biscuits. Yes, I know these tips can be messy, but they work!

Amber teething bracelet

Amber has been used for centuries for teething babies. Homeopathic experts say that the natural heat from a human body releases succinic acid, a resin, which when absorbed into the bloodstream, helps relieve a variety of skin and body conditions including teething.

However, be aware that amber teething bracelets or necklaces are made for wearing and not for chewing. The beads are individually knotted for safety reasons, and if the necklace was to break the beads would not come off. You should always read the safety instruction sheet and make an informed decision on what is best for you and your baby.

Gentle massage

Ease the pain of baby’s teething by gently massaging around the sore area. The slight pressure will give him comfort. He might refuse it at first or even bite your finger, but don’t worry – once he feels the relief that your finger can offer, he’ll allow you to massage his gums.

If you noticed, I didn’t use acetaminophen or pain-relieving gels for my baby. True, they may be effective, but they contain chemicals that might affect baby’s health.

How did you deal with baby teething? Please share your storieswith us so other mums can benefit from your experiences as well. Thanks!