How to Increase Breast Milk: 5 Natural Methods

How to Increase Breast Milk: 5 Natural Methods

2014-10-27 12:02:21

How to Increase Breast Milk: 5 Natural Methods

Are you finding it hard to cope with your baby’s need for milk? Are you worried that he might not be getting all the nutrients that he needs to stay strong and healthy? Are you considering feeding him with infant formula? Whoa! Not just yet. Mother’s milk is still the best for babies. Before you buy him his first can of infant formula, be aware that there are natural methods on how to increase breast milk.

How to Increase Breast Milk Naturally

Your baby is growing so he needs you to produce more milk. Here’s what you can do to keep up with your little one’s needs:

1. Eat the right foods. Yes, technology has made everything easier and faster. Unfortunately, technology has also given us some of the unhealthiest foods. These are the foods that make us feel full without really satisfying our nutritional needs. Burgers, pizza and other fast foods may taste good but they do not provide us with the proper nutrients. Remember that you now have another life that depends on you.

Choose to eat more fruits and vegetables. And while you’re at it, try eating foods that improve lactation. MoringaOleifera (horseradish), beans and lentils are some of the best foods for increasing breastmilk supply.

2. Drink up. Water is not only the best cleanser but also the best liquid to get those mammary glands pumping. Also, drink lots of natural fruit and vegetable juices. The vitamins and minerals you get from them will not only increase your breast milk; they can also improve its quality.

3. Get enough sleep. I know, I know – sleep is one of the hardest things to get especially if you’re a first time mum with a newborn baby. Just when you’re about to close your eyes, there goes your little one, crying for your attention. To get the sleep that you need, ask your husband, sibling or friend to babysit for you whenever they’re free. You can also try these 3 tips to a better night sleep .

4. Use a breast pump. Did you know that pumping your breasts right after nursing your baby is one of the best ways on how to increase breast milk? It’s because pumping your breasts at this time “empties” them. When this happens, the mammary glands will respond by producing milk.

Just a tip: if you are going to buy a breast pump, consider a high-quality dual electric breast pump . Of course, a single electric breast pump will do, but dual pumps can double your milk production.

5. Relax and enjoy. Experts say that worrying affects milk production. Try to make each feeding as comfortable and less stressful as possible. Before baby’s feeding time, relax and unwind. Listen to your favorite music and rest your eyes on calming colors – blues or pastel shades will do. Sit in the coziest part of your home and think of beautiful things. Inhale and exhale as you relax. When it’s time to feed baby, do so with a smile. Sing to him and touch him gently. Breastfeeding is one of the best parts of motherhood – so enjoy every minute.

These are just some of the methods on how to increase breast milk. Would you like more tips? Or maybe you have tips that you’d like to share with us? Just write them in the comments box below. Other mummies will definitely thank you for it.