​What is an Amber Necklace Made Of?

2014-09-29 21:52:39

When I became a mother the way I looked at the world changed. I became more aware of the environment around me and all the possible dangers my baby may be exposed to. As my little one began to move I started to worry about  things going in his mouth, so I had to make some changes like baby friendly cleaning products, foods, as well as those things he wore.

So when my baby started teething another mum suggested getting an Amber Teething Necklace. I was very interested in the positive feedback and what I was reading and being told, so I thought I would examine the idea of an amber necklace further. Upon doing some research this is what I learned about amber necklaces. 

Multi- Scotch Amber Necklace


I began by looking into the materials that were used to make the amber necklaces. I learned that amber is fossilized sap. This sap is from the prehistoric trees that were around at least 50 million years ago. These trees were located around the Baltic Sea.

The other item that is used in these necklaces is a form of material such as hemp, leather, or some other natural fiber used to hold together the pieces of amber.


I learned quickly that each piece of amber is different from the others. That is something that I did not expect. I just presumed they were made by a machine like so many other things today. Each necklace is made with individual beads that have been hand crafted. They are individually polished and rounded to their desired size. This makes each piece a little bit different and individual to the owner.

Amber Safety

As a mum ensuring my child’s safety is very important. So after learning that the necklaces were made with tiny beads I became concerned about the choking hazard. Small beads around a child, what if the necklace falls apart, and they put the beads in their mouth.

The design of the necklace has been carefully thought out and is sold with a safety sheet so parents are fully informed. Each necklace has knots before and after each individual bead. Each of the knots are done by hand. This is done so that when one bead comes off it is the only bead that comes off the necklace. This will also ensure that the beads don’t scatter and get lost.

The necklace also comes with a plastic screw clasp. This is so that it is not easy for a baby to undo but simple for us as adults to take off.

Mom Knows BestActive Ingredient

Each necklace or bracelet is designed to help with teething pain. That seems a little like hocus pocus to me. When reading up on what makes the amber necklace work, I found that it has a very specific active ingredient.

Succinic acid is the active ingredient within the Baltic Amber. When the succinic acid touches the skin it activates. The heat from a person’s body helps to release small amounts of the healing oils. These oils are absorbed into the skin and the healing begins.

The positive influence that the succinic acid has on the body is vast. It doesn’t just help with teething. There are many other health benefits of the necklaces and bracelets such as good energy boosters, relieves eczema so they can be worn by either mother or baby.

It is important to ask questions, you always want to do what is best for your child. So do your research and find the answers to those questions. As a mother, you know what works and what is best for your child.