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ILuvBaby Teats for Wide Neck Bottles premium feeding teat, feature 3 anti-colic vents help prevent wind and tummy pains for bub... meaning a happier baby, happier mum.

Specifically designed and manufactured from soft food-grade silicone, to mimic the nipple, making the transition from breast to bottle much easier.

They are made from 100% BPA silicone, are non toxic, quality assured and exceed industry standards.

The Wide-Neck Teats come in packs of 2 and are available in fast flow, and slow flow, and they fit the ILuvBaby Wide Neck Glass Bottles perfectly (and other brands).

Features & Benefits:

  • Peristaltic design making the transition from breast to bottle much easier.
  • Anti-colic system wind and tummy pains for bub.
  • Easy to clean and safe design.
  • 100% BPA free silicone teat.
  • Phthalates free, PVC free, Lead free.
  • Fast Flow Teats are recommended for babies 6 months or over
  • Fits other major brands (wide neck bottles).


Tips for best use:

  • Store out of direct sunlight
  • Wash in warm soapy water, rinse in clean water and sterilize in the top tray of a bottle sterilizer (before and after first use)


Peristaltic teats are designed to assist with your babies peristaltic movements or rhythms, in other words it is the contraction of muscles to assist food and drink down the digestive tract. The beginning of the digestive track starts at baby's tongue where the sucking process assists in moving milk down into the the stomach.

The range of Peristaltic Silicone Teats from ILuvBaby are designed to mimic babies natural sucking rhythm, the amount of milk is controlled and only released when your baby sucks on the teat, just like when baby feeds from the breast. This also means the peristaltic teats make it comfortable for baby to move from breast to bottle when the time is right. The peristaltic action has also shown to help babies experiencing colic, as the milk is not constantly dripping out of teat.

The ILuvBaby anti-colic system allows air to enter the bottle when baby drinks reducing vacuum build up and provides a more comfortable feeding experience for baby. All Peristaltic Silicone Teats are washable and long lasting, retaining their feel and shape even after repeated washes and sterilizations.

Included in the box:

2 x Wide Neck Silicone Anti-Colic Teats

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12 Month Manufacturer Warranty