Kids Strap & Ear Hook Adjuster Kit - White

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Silicone Strap and Ear Hook Adjuster Kit for Babies and Toddlers

Color - White

Material - Silicone


Our Kids Strap and Ear Hook Adjuster Kits are super comfy and made from high quality stretchy, light, and easily detachable food grade clear silicone material that is perfect for baby and toddler size sunglasses.

The kit comes in a convenient little carry case containing both the adjustable strap and ear hooks. The strap is approx. 170mm in length but is adjustable to 200mm just by stretching it.


TO USE HEAD STRAPThe head strap will help keep your child's sunglasses on to prevent losing them or sliding off during playtime. The strap has is hollow on each end and simply slip onto the ends of the kids sunglasses.

TO USE EAR HOOK ADJUSTERS:  The ear adjuster piece slides up the arm of the sunglasses on each side. It should then tuck behind your child’s ear, which will tighten the fit of the sunglasses. 


Package Incudes:


1 x Set of Ear Hook Adjusters

1 x Silicone Adjustable Strap

1  x Carry Case


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