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iluvbaby silicone bib rangeiluvbaby silicone bib range

This Frog bib comes with a crumb catcher, and its one of the most funny baby bibs around. A silicone bib from ILuvBaby like this one is a funny way to invite an environmentally responsible and infant-safe product into your home. It's an excellent choice for those who have been concerned about unsafe chemicals in their baby's products, since it contains no lead, BPA, latex or anything else harmful.


Best of all, it won't stay dirty. The unique silicone material makes it as slick as a real frog, and easy to clean with a simple damp cloth. Some parents even like to throw them in the dishwasher. It's strong enough to hold up to that, and it's much more durable than plastic or cloth bibs.


These silicone bibs with crumb catcher technology will ensure that any food that misses your infant's mouth will end up in the little sculpted pouch on the front. The lightweight design means that it won't be uncomfortable to wear, though, and the gentle clasp will fit most infant necks from those around 3-18 months on. Products from ILuvBaby are designed to grow over time as your infant grows.


Say goodbye to stained and ugly bibs with the funky silicone baby bibs from ILuvBaby. Each of them comes packed with the following features to please the most discerning of parents:

  • Lightweight design - Soft and Light to wear
  • Express Shipping Available
  • Medical Grade Soft Silicone
  • Easy to Clean – Simply wipe clean or thrown in the dishwasher
  • Easy Adjustable Clasp for the Neck Closure
  • Built-in Crumb Catcher - to catch crumbs and spilled food or drink
  • BPA Free, No Lead or Phthalates
  • 9 cool and colourful bib designs


Each of our bibs complies with all of the AU, EU and US safety codes. They're also CPSIA compliant. Since they'll wipe clean, they're completely sanitary too. That helps to reduce the risk of contamination, and they'll also be a lot less sticky than bibs made from inferior materials.


You'll certainly want to hop into this deal real soon.