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iluvbaby silicone bib rangeiluvbaby silicone bib range

While these silicone bibs for babies might look like a Goat with an open mouth, that mouth pouch actually serves a major purpose. It's printed with a nose and mouth design that looks appealing and will surely look adorable on your little one, but it also serves as a hungry real mouth to catch all of the dribbled food that might not end up where it's supposed to go. Instead of on the floor or on clothes, this bib provides a special place for dropped food.


By using silicone bibs with a built-in crumb catcher, you can be sure that your baby's clothing will stay clean, and so will the high chair. Unlike cloth or plastic bibs, it's also really simple to clean this pouch. Once your baby and your new goat pal are finished with dinner, you'll be able to wipe it out easily. It stays clean with just a simple wipe of a wet cloth.


Parents need not be concerned anymore with un-sanitary cloth bibs, silicone bibs will always be fresh, and can even be washed in the dishwasher.


On top of that, these high quality waterproof bibs feature:

  • Lightweight construction
  • Express Shipping Available
  • Adjustable clasp and neck strap
  • Colorful print
  • Medical Grade Soft Silicone
  • Easy to Clean – Simply wipe clean or thrown in the dishwasher
  • Easy Adjustable Clasp for the Neck Closure
  • Built-in Crumb Catcher - to catch crumbs and spilled food or drink
  • BPA Free, No Lead or Phthalates
  • 9 cool and colourful bib designs
  • Fold-up pattern for easy storage
  • Compliance with all relevant safety standards


This is the kind of infant product that saves time and money on top of looking great. There's nothing that makes mealtime more funny and photogenic than one of these medical grade soft silicone baby bibs, and they make the chore of eating into a really fun event.

Don't settle for the rest; get what's best for you and the infant in the household.


Order a Goat bib today and see how much help a friendly farm animal can be when it comes to feeding time.