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Get Glass Baby Bottles for Cleaner, More Hygienic Milk Feeding

Smart Mums choose Glass Baby Bottles, simple as that! And our customers are raving about our ILuvBaby Wideneck Glass Baby Bottles, and Anti-Colic Teats. Our bottles are made from high quality High Borosilicate Glass that is encased in a colorful grippy silicone sleeve for easy comfortable handling, and will outlast plastic bottles by 10 times.

TheBabySpot also offer a range of Glass Baby Bottle Bundle Packs, where we pack even more value, meaning you don’t need to put off a superior baby feeding experience for you and your baby.  

To assist with purchasing the right Glass Baby Bottles for your baby, or if you have any questions about our products you can get in contact with us through or call on 0408 553880 during business hours.