Baby Bib Videos

Reduce the mess and cleanup during feed time and stop wasting time trying to clean bibs

Baby Bibs are a must have in your baby kit, and our customers are raving about our Silicone Baby Bibs, and how effective they are at catching most of the mess during feeding time with the specifically designed crumb catcher. TheBabySpot offer a range of Silicone Baby Bibs, in a variety of cute animal designs and colors, and are super quick and easy to clean. Our bibs are made from medical grade silicone that simply wipe clean with a clean cloth or while doing the family dishes, and they even look so trendy. Best of all, they are sensational value for money meaning you don’t need to put off putting an end to the unnecessary cleaning and start enjoying feed time with your baby.  

To assist with purchasing the right Baby Bibs for your baby, or if you have any questions about our products you can get in contact with us through or call on 0408 553880 during business hours.